Closing Appeals without a WSIAT Decision


If you decide before your hearing that you do not wish to continue with your appeal, you may withdraw it and it will be closed without a WSIAT decision. Once a hearing has begun, a request to withdraw will generally be referred to a Vice-Chair or Panel for direction. The final WSIB decision stands if the appeal is withdrawn.

If you change your mind and wish to appeal the final WSIB decision again, you will need to apply for a Time Extension to open a new appeal.

For more information and how to request a withdrawal of your appeal, please read the Practice Direction: Adjournments and Withdrawals or Contact Us.

Closing Appeals by the WSIAT

If you start an appeal or application with the WSIAT, additional information is needed to make a decision. If you do not provide the information or take the action needed, it is not clear if you want to continue. The WSIAT takes steps to close an appeal or application if it appears that you have abandoned it. You may not be permitted to appeal the same issue(s) again if your appeal or application is closed as abandoned. For information on how the WSIAT closes an appeal due to abandonment before a decision is made and how to stop an appeal from being closed, please read the Practice Direction: Closing Appeals by the Tribunal or Contact Us.