Highlights of Noteworthy Decisions

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Decision No. 1594 22

Entitlement for LOE when worker exceeds age restriction under section 43(1)(b).

Decision No. 1741 22

A worker granted entitlement for strain injuries arising from the use of an ergonomically unsuitable workstation at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Decision No. 1368 22

Meaning of "objectively traumatic" in Traumatic Mental Stress policy.

Decision No. 1659 22

Entitlement to Commutations of Pensions under the pre-89 Act.

Decision No. 1052 22 I

Section 126(4) Board Referral of OPM Document No. 18-05-03, Determining the Degree of Permanent Impairment, on the basis of inconsistency with the Act.

Decision No. 1019 22

Sufficiency of detail about specific duties in suitable work offer.

Decision No. 787 22

Non-earning periods of a job sharing program constitute a break in the employment pattern, and are factored out in earnings basis recalculation.

Decision No. 1680 22

Sole proprietor carrying on business in construction under section 12.2 is considered a worker and an employer in a right to sue application.

Decision No. 1581 22

Entitlement for a recurrence of PTSD due to hyper-arousal from increased commute.

Decision No. 1613 22

What is considered "continuous and repetitive" exposure under Gastro-Intestinal Cancer - Asbestos Exposure policy.