Highlights of Noteworthy Decisions

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Decision No. 1089 20

Rating of post-traumatic stress disorder under the Board policy for psychotraumatic disability.

Decision No. 1235 20

Entitlement to review of the additional amount under s. 147(14) of the pre-1997 Act.

Decision No. 898 20

Consideration of the assessment year to which a retroactive experience rating adjustment should be applied.

Decision No. 1105 19

Determination of accumulated investment income for purposes of retroactive contributions to loss of retirement income fund.

Decision No. 1195 20

Calculation of the earnings basis for determination of survivor benefits.

Decision No. 39 20 R

Jurisdiction of the Tribunal over administrative decisions of the Board.

Decision No. 3503 18

Determination of whether a Charter challenge was moot.

Decision No. 63 21

Consideration of employer classification and ancillary workers.

Decision No. 1998 19 R

Consideration of the jurisdiction of the Tribunal to consider sequential issues.

Decision No. 821 17 R

Questioning of the appellant worker by the vice-chair hearing the appeal.