Highlights of Noteworthy Decisions

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Decision No. 1553 19

Considering surveillance evidence in psychotraumatic disability claim where worker has returned to work.

Decision No. 895 22

Application of OPM Document No. 15-03-13, “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in First Responders and Other Designated Workers."

Decision No. 953 22

Identification of three categories of cases in which resignation or retirement is not a bar to LOE entitlement.

Decision No. 1091 22 E

Six month time limit to appeal triggered by Board reconsideration decision, not original decision, when significant new evidence is considered.

Decision No. 1206 22

Rounding to nearest 5% for ROM ratings in AMA Guides.

Decision No. 831 21

Distinguishing interpersonal conflict versus workplace harassment in Chronic Mental Stress (CMS) claim.

Decision No. 1334 20

Entitlement for bronchiectasis on disablement basis.

Decision No. 1149 22

Employability for labourer with limited transferable and job search skills.

Decision No. 550 21

Jurisdiction over section 30 provisions (election) in right to sue application.

Decision No. 1061 22 E

Time extension application after appeal deemed abandoned under Practice Direction "Closing Appeals by the Tribunal".