WSIAT’s New E-filing Service

The WSIAT is pleased to announce that effective September 8, 2020 there will be a new e-filing service available on the WSIAT’s website.

Parties who choose to use this service will be able to provide documents to the WSIAT in a way that is convenient to them since they can go to the WSIAT’s website at any time to upload the documents.

This new service will allow WSIAT parties to e-file any appeal or application-related document, including WSIB decisions, documentary evidence, written submissions and hearing-related receipts. Parties may also complete and e-file WSIAT forms. The new service will be available in English and French.

E-filing Service FAQs:

Question #1: What can I e-file?

Parties can e-file any document related to a WSIAT appeal or application, including WSIAT forms. Before you e-file, you will need to save the document to your computer in PDF format and then you will be able to upload it using the e-filing service.

Question #2: How do I use the e-filing service?

Detailed instructions on how to e-file will be available under the “E-File” tab on the WSIAT Home Page on September 8, 2020.

Question #3: Do I have to e-file information to the WSIAT?

No. E-filing is one way to send documents and forms to the WSIAT. Parties who do not wish to use e-filing may continue to send in completed forms or any other documentation by regular mail, courier or fax.

Question #4: What software do I need to e-file information?

You will need an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge to access the e-filing service. You will also need to use Adobe PDF software such as Adobe Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat to fill the WSIAT e-filing forms.

Question #5: What if I don’t have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader DC?

You can install the free Adobe Reader DC program. If you do not have the software to e-file, you can submit your documents by regular mail, courier or fax.

Question #6: What do I do if my document exceeds the maximum size (7MB) that can be e-filed?

If your document is too big, split the document into smaller documents and e-file them separately. Please make sure to include the same identifying information on each smaller document. Adobe has an article on how to split large PDF files using Adobe Acrobat DC.