Case Material

The Case Record and Addenda

The Case Record is an official case document prepared by the WSIAT that contains a copy of the WSIB file(s) at issue and any related claim files.

The Addenda to the Case Record, starting with Addendum 1 in numerical order, are official case materials containing the documents generated after the appeal was started at the WSIAT. These documents include correspondence sent to and from the WSIAT regarding your appeal, the applicable WSIB policy for your appeal, other relevant material including material you submit, and any updates to the claim files.

After the appellant has completed the Readiness Form, the WSIAT will prepare and send out the Case Record and Addendum 1 to you, or to your representative. The WSIAT does not need a Readiness Form if the hearing will be in writing.

For oral hearings, the WSIAT will ask you to review the Case Record and Addenda, and send us the Confirmation of Appeal form to let us know when you are ready to proceed with your appeal. For more information regarding this step in the appeal process, please see our Practice Direction: Confirmation of Appeal and the Hearing Ready Letter.

The Case Record and Addenda will be used by the Vice-Chair or Panel deciding the appeal. You must bring the Case Record and all Addenda to your hearing.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the Case Record or the Addenda.

Employers' Access to Workers' Information

All parties participating in an appeal need access to relevant information to have a fair hearing.

Before preparing the Case Record and Addendum, the WSIAT asks the worker for their consent to release their WSIB claim file(s) and other relevant worker information to the employer. For more details on access to information and providing consent or objecting to access, please see our Practice Direction: Access to Workers' Information when the Issue in Dispute is at the Tribunal or Contact Us.