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Decision Search Help: General Instructions

Performing a Search

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Searching by Panel (First / Last)

You can search decisions by specifying the name of a panel member.

There are two Panel Member boxes available. Type the First name of the panel member in the first box. Then, type the Last name of the panel member in the second box. You do not have to fill in both panel member boxes. You can perform a search by specifying either a first name or a last name.

Using the dropdown box beside these boxes, choose the position held by the panel member. The default is Any Position and in most cases this is adequate for doing a search. However, you can also choose from the following positions: Vice Chair, Employer Member or Worker Member.

Then, click on the Search button to start your search.

Tip Panel (First/Last) Search Tip
Use the first box to distinguish between Panel Members with the same last name. Panel Members are listed in Tribunal decisions with first initials only. You can search using the first box by entering an initial; the entire name is not required.