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Decision Search Help: General Instructions

Performing a Search

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Refining Your Search


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Displaying Your Search

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Searching by Using Filters

A filter is used to limit the result of your search. Three types of filters are available. Each one is discussed in more detail below.

Click on the checkbox beside the filter that you want to use. Typically, a filter is used in combination with other search specifications.

---> Note:
Use only one filter at a time.

Then, click on the Search button to start your search.

Reported Decisions Only

When you choose this filter, only decisions that have been reported in the W.S.I.A.T. Reporter (also referred to as W.S.I.A.T.R.) will be displayed. The W.S.I.A.T.R. is a quarterly paper publication produced by the Tribunal. It contains headnotes and the full text of selected Tribunal decisions which cover a broad range of compensation issues. It was formerly called W.C.A.T. Reporter (or W.C.A.T.R.) and in Tribunal decisions released before 1998, the Reporter is cited under its former name.

This filter is helpful when you simply want to display decisions that have been reported. If you want to search by an exact reporter citation or want to display all decisions found in a certain volume of the reporter, see the section on "Reporter Citation".

Please note: In 2010, publication of the W.S.I.A.T. Reporter was discontinued. However, you can search all previous published version of the W.S.I.A.T. Reporter using a search by Reporter Citation.

Noteworthy Decisions Only

When you choose this filter, only decisions identified by the Tribunal as "noteworthy decisions" will be displayed. These are decisions which you may find of particular interest. They cover novel or unusual issues, different approaches to an issue, procedural points, contentious medical issues and conditions, etc. The noteworthy designation is applied to a broader range of decisions than decisions included in the Reporter. The noteworthy designation came into use starting in December 2000. The designation has also been added retroactively to all decisions in the WCAT/WSIAT Reporter that were published prior to December 2000.

Summarized Decisions Only

When you choose this filter, only decisions that have been summarized will be displayed.

Beginning in December 2000, the Tribunal no longer provides summaries for all decisions. Decisions of a routine nature on well-established issues are not summarized (but keywords are assigned to all decisions).

This filter is helpful when you simply want to display decisions that have been summarized. To identify which decisions have been summarized on a certain week, see the section on "Weekly Summaries".

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