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Mission Statement / Guiding Principles

Members of the Tribunal

Member Accountability Framework

Public Acccountability Documents

Annual and Quarterly Reports

History of the Tribunal

Judicial Reviews: Judges' Comments on WSIAT

Why is WSIAT an Expert Tribunal?

Careers at WSIAT

Contacting the Tribunal

Open Data

Members of the Tribunal


David Corbett

Full-time Vice-Chairs

Andrew Baker
Melvin Crystal
Sherry Darvish
Garth Dee
Jim Dimovski
Bernard Kalvin
Martha Keil
Sophie Martel
Rosemarie McCutcheon
Julia Noble
Angus Patterson
Luke Petrykowski
Sean Ryan
Joanna Smith

Full-Time Members Representative of Employers and Workers

Mary Christie
Mary Ferrari
Angela Grande
Kelly Hoskin
Sonya Sahay
David Thomson

Part-Time Vice-Chairs

Bruce Alexander
Paul Allen
Rosemary Basa
Robert Bell
Laura Bradbury
Beverley Burns
Barbara Cappell
Nicolette Carlan
Keith Cooper
Helen Daniel
Colleen Dempsey
Barbara Doherty
Katharine Evans
JoAnne Frenschkowski
Robert Gale
Linda Gehrke
Bonnie Goldberg
Jeanette Goldman
Donald Hale
Rhea Hoare
Sonja Hodis
Ronald Horne
Christina Huras
Katherine Iima
Brian Illion
Karen Jacques
Ken Jepson
Jay Josefo
Elizabeth Kosmidis
Leigh Lampert
John B. Lang
Michele Lawford
Colin MacAdam
Ian Mackenzie
Victor Marafioti
Donald McBey
Grant McCaffrey
Matthew McGarvey
Mary E. McKenzie
Tom Mitchinson
John Paul Moore
Rob Nairn
Ted Nemetz
Shirley Netten
Sue Noorloos
Zeynep Onen
Susan Peckover
Natalie Perryman
Bruce Pollock
Christopher Ramsay
Catherine E. Roberts
Robert Salisbury
Constantine Samaras
Caroline Sand
Sandra Shime
Eleanor Smith
Marilyn Smith
Ann Somerville
Sara Sutherland
Wendy Sutton
Carissa Tanzola
Susan Ungar
Shirley Wales
Robert Wood
Rebecca Woodrow
Chantelle Zehr

Part-Time Members Representative of Employers and Workers

Diane Besner
John Blogg
Richard Briggs
Dave Broadbent
Gary Burkett
Gerry Carlino
Jim Crocker
Bill Davis
Mena Falcone
David Gillies
Faith Jackson
Mary Lipton
Cosmo Mannella
Richard Ouellette
Victor Phillips
David Purdy
Stephen Roth
Sonya Sahay
Claudine Salama
Antonio Signoroni
Kristen Soden
Ian Thompson
Elaine Tracey
Marcel Trudeau
Mary Tzaferis
Brian Wheeler
Barbara Young

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